Spatial Apps for Everyone

Resight harnesses AI to allow camera devices to know their surroundings and enables AR app development and environmental analysis


Resight Engine has everything you need to capture, customize, and share stunning 3D experiences.

For Creators, by Creators

Designed to work seamlessly with Unity, drag and drop Resight's component to make objects persist in the world over time and be synchronized across all users

Explore cutting edge AR applications with our developers' community
Easily turn your original ideas into AR experiences like never before
Deploy your applications to users using our world-scale spatial engine
Awe and excite your users to explore the world with spatial applications

Create the Best
Multiuser Experiences

With Resight Engine you can transform Augmented Reality into a shared reality, just like real life. We make it easy and fast to create multiuser experiences, by automatically syncing data across different users. Utilizing our own mesh network, we offer near-zero latency updates and a true cross-platform experience

Anchor Your 3D Content to Physical Locations

Create experiences and applications for physical locations that blends the real and digital and adds wonder to the mundane. With Resight Engine, every place can have a digital memory layer that persists and evolves over time. Discover and enter the AR experience by simply opening your device at the same space

Start Your Spatial Journey

Join us at the frontier of augmented reality and create the next generation of inspiring and engaging spatial experiences and applications

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Reseight is empowering creators to efficiently create unique experiences that would be stable regardless of how the user interacts with it. It has enormous potential to change Augmented Reality for the better

Lauren Owen

AR Developer
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Resight makes Augmented Reality accessible on a whole new level, allowing for designs that I would have never even imagined. I can't wait to see how far this spatial engine would get in the future

Amit Bashari

Game Designer